ID Card

To assist journalists who are cinephiles and are serious about the environment to efficiently cover the festival, SEFF offers ID cards to the Press.

Press ID Card

4 tickets per person will be issued to anyone with a Press ID card. This ID card must be used by the ID card holder only.

Application Guide

Please submit the application form at the bottom after it has been filled out. All applications close on May 10th (Friday) at 4pm.

ID Pick-UP

ID card pick-up should be done at the Seoul Cinema Reception Desk(5th FL) by presenting a valid ID.

Dates & Hours MAY 24(Fri) ~ MAY 29(Wed), 10:00 – 20:00
(except Opening Ceremony date)

Application Form

Individual Interview Guide

Throughout the festival period, interviews between all guests(domestic and international) and the Press will be arranged. For any Press member who wishes to interview an official guest, please apply as indicated below.

Application Period

MAY 23(Thu) ~ MAY 29(Wed) 2019

Application Submissions

Please file the application form(desired guest, description, date and time, translator if necessary) and e-mail it to The requested interview will be discussed with the desired guest and an individual notice regarding the availability of the interview, place and time will be given upon confirmation.

Interviews cannot be arranged on the same day of application, and applications made prior to the festival can result in efficient interview arrangements.


Please note that interviews are subject to the guests schedule and pending situation, and we kindly ask for your understanding.
The final confirmation of an interview schedule can be processed after the guest arrives
at the festival and confirmation in advance will not be available.

Press Service

Various materials provided by the festival PR team such as press releases, photos, and photo coverage of the 16th SEFF can be downloaded from the festivals official website.

Webhard service
ID: SEFF / PW: 4321

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