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For the 15th Seoul Eco Film Festival(SEFF) poster last year, plastic waste robot No. 2050 was introduced to warn us that by the year 2050, plastic would be powerful enough to even take over parts of the human body. This SEFF poster, in order to raise awareness to the severity of the environmental crisis and senseless consumption, has reinterpreted piles of waste in a series to capture the diverse issues at stake.

What each poster implies is ▲Piles of waste discarded along street sides ▲Enormous piles of compressed paper waste ▲Transparent plastic that animals mistake as food. Each issue has been interpreted into a visualized graphic motif, while the 16th Seoul Eco Film Festival theme ECO SPIRIT has been highlighted in a special typography. In addition, by adopting hash tags generally used in social media, we made the job of searching information on the 16th SEFF more interesting. This year’s official poster is also incorporated into the official trailer. With the addition ofmovements, the graphic images of waste from the 2 dimensional poster come alive in a more 3 dimensional manner.

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2019.5.23 — 5.29