International Competition Jury Members


Born in Chiba, Japan in 1972, she went to the U.S. After she graduating from Chiba Univ. to study film at USC, and returned to Japan in 2000 to start making films. She earned a Special Mention in the Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk section at the Berlin Intl Film Festival with her feature debut film Barber Yoshino(2004), while she gained world recognition with her third feature Kamome Diner(2006). Her latest feature Close-Knit(2017)which won the Teddy Jury Award at the Berlin Intl Film Festival is considered a film that has opened the 2nd Act to her film career.

LEE Hwa Jung

She is serving as the the head of the press team of film weekly [Cine21] and is on the advisory committee for the Gyeonggi Film Commission, while teaching film journalism at Academy LoCA. She is the author of interview anthology [The Man from New York, The Woman from Tokyo], and travel essays [The Vintage Trip of a Time Collector] and [Things that Become Time One Day.]

CHOI Nak Yong

He dedicated his 20s during the 1980s to the theater of engagement. In this early 30s, he started his career in film as assistant to the director on the film <Run Away>. Ever since he entered film company BaekDu-DaeGan Films Co. Ltd when he was working as assistant director on film <Spring in My Hometown>, he has been with the company for the past 23 years, focusing on film acquisition and distribution, and managing an art house film theater. In 2017, he produced and distributed feature documentary <OUR PRESIDENT>. He is currently developing feature films anddocumentaries, while serving as the Chief of the National Art Cinema Association.

Korean Competition Jury Members

KIM Dong-won

He ended up choosing a lifelong career as a documentary filmmaker while working on a part-time broadcasting company job shooting Sangye-dong slum sites that inspired him into joining their struggle. <Sangye-dong Olympics> which documents the 3 years he spent with the Sangye-dong residents is a resonating film acknowledged as a monumental piece in the history of Korean documentary filmmaking as well as the epitome of Korean documentary activism. In 1991, he founded PURN Production as an ongoing endeavor to participate in the movement for social awareness through documentary filmmaking. He has served as the Chairman of the Association of Korean Independent Film & Video, and is considered the pillar of Korean documentary filmmaking and the independent film community in Korea.

JUNG Jaeun

She debuted in 2001 with her feature <Take Care of My Cat>. A coming-of-age film set in Inchon dealing with the friendships and growth of women in their twenties, this film was theatrically released in the U.S., United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong etc., and also won numerous awards at domestic and international film festivals including a rookie award at the MBC Film Awards. In 2003, she directed a piece on the omnibus film <If You Were Me> produced by the National Human Rights Commission of Korea. Her interest in the city and space led to the architecture-themed documentary trilogy <Talking Architect>, <Talking Architecture, City: Hall> and <Ecology in Concrete>. In 2018, she directed <Butterfly Sleep, (나비잠)> which was theatrically released in both Korea and Japan.

HEO Nam Woong

He worked as a film journalist at Ddanzi Ilbo and FILM 2.0, and programmer at the Seoul Art Cinema. He is currently working as a film critic and film journalist. He is a guest panel on KBS3 radio, a podcast and a YouTube channel, as well as publishing serially for search portal Naver and internet bookstore Yes24.

Preliminary Selection Jury Members

MAENG Soojin

She graduated from Korea University, Dept. of English Language Education and received her PhD at Dongguk University, Department of Drama and Cinema. She served on the executive committee for the Seoul Independent Film Festival and the steering committee for the Association of Korean Independent Film & Video and worked as film critic for film weekly [Movie Week]. She has also worked as programmer for a number of film festivals including the Jeonju Intl Film Festival, the DMZ Intl Documentary Film Festival and EBSIntl Documentary Festival and is now programming for the Seoul Eco Film Festival. She has written and translated a number of publications including [Truth or fiction: Documentary on the Boundary], [The Korean Short Issue] and [Mock Documentary: Documentary, Not Documentary]


She received her MA at the Goldsmiths, University of London in documentary theory and production. She directed several documentary shorts including < an uncomfortable meal> and <God Will Take Care of It…?> and has been working as programmer at film festivals such as the EBS International Documentary Festival, the Green Film Festival in Seoul and the Seoul International NewMedia Festival since 2012 and is currently programming Korean and Asian films for the Jecheon Intl Music & Film Festival. She has completed her PhD course at the Graduate School of Advanced Imaging Science, Multimedia & Film at Chung-Ang University and is now focusing on both film research and film production.

LEE Yong Cheol

Film critic. His main occupation is to think, write and speak about films. He spends most of his time working for [Cine21], [Extreme Movie] and Seoul Art Cinema.

SEFF Special Audience Jury

KIM Do Hyeong, KIM Min Jeong, KIM So Young, KIM Ji Yeon, KIM Jin Han, KIM Cha Rang, KIM Hyun Joon, PARK Seon Young, AHN Hye Jin, LEE Jin Young, JANG Hye Ryoung, JUNG Da Bin, JUNG Da Young, CHOI Hyo Jung

2019.5.23 — 5.29