International Competition Jury Members

Billy CHOI

Majored in Film Studies at the graduate school of Dongguk University, she worked at numerous film organizations including Jeonju Film Festival, Seoul Women’s Film Festival, Korean Film Council, and Korean Barrier Free Films Committee. She worked as a programmer for Ulju Mountain Film Festival from 2015 to 2019.

NAM Da Eun

She received a bachelor’s degree in humanities and a master’s in Interdisciplinary Programme of Comparative Literature at Yonsei University. She began her career as a film critic after winning Cine21’s Film Criticism Award in 2004. She is a regular contributor of the magazine FILO. Her publications include Time to Feel and Desire: Living Cinema.

JEE Hyewon

She is a documentary film director with 25 years of experience. Her film Mom and Clarinet (2015) won the Gold World Medal at the New York Festivals TV & Film Awards and the ABU Perspective Award. She also attended 26 international film festivals including the Intl. Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam with Singing with Angry Bird (2016). Her latest film Free Minu (2018) opened the DMZ Intl. Documentary Film Festival in 2018. She is also the CEO of the Creative Group Mim.

Korean Competition Jury Members


She has been creating documentary films that explore the contemporary civilization through the relationships between human beings and nonhuman animals. Some of the examples include: Farewell (2001), On Day on That Road (2006), An Omnivorous Family’s Dilemma (2015), and Chicken in the Square (2017).

KIM Eun Young

KIM Eunyoung is a professor of Collage of Literature and Visual Communications at Chugye University for the Arts in Korea. After working at Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and film business division of Samsung Entertainment Group, she produced her own feature films including Into the Mirror (2003), Blossom Again (2005) and co-produced Mirrors (2008, US). Currently, she is a member of festival committee of the Ulju Mountain Film Festival.


He is Associate Professor of Film Studies at KAIST. He is the author of Extreme Asia: The Rise of Cult Cinema from the Far East (2015) and co-editor of the books Korean Horror Cinema (2013) and Hong Kong Horror Cinema (2018).

Preliminary Selection Jury Members

SEO Doeun

She earned a master’s degree and became a PhD candidate in film studies at University Paris 1. She worked at Korean Cultural Center in Paris and became a regular contributor to Culture + Seoul. She joined the Zero Plus Intl. Film Festival as a jury member. Currently, she is the programmer of the Seoul Eco Film Festival.


She received her MA at the Goldsmiths, University of London in documentary theory and production. She directed An Uncomfortable Meal (2007) and Kongfu Tea (2017), and worked as a programmer at film festivals such as EBS Intl. Documentary Festival and Seoul Eco Film Festival. She is now focusing on both film research and film production.

LEE Yong Cheol

He is a film critic. His main occupation is to think, write and speak about films. He mainly works for Cine21.

SEFF Special Audience Jury

KWAK Taehun, KIM Seok Tae, KIM Sumin, KIM Ahyun, KIM Yuri, KIM Ji Won, KIM Hyerin, PARK Jeongmin, BAEK HaNeul, YUN Soyoung, LEE Jiwoo, LEE Jihee, CHO SuHui, CHOI Jiseung, HAN Seung Eun, HWANG Ji Yoon

SEFF Special Audience Jury consists of avid advocates of Korean Competition films who go beyond watching the films to directly evaluating the works and encouraging the directors. Also, they watch all the Korean Competition films screened during the festival and play the role of a judge by selecting and awarding the most outstanding film with NH Bank Special Audience Jury Award (2,000,000 KRW).

2021.6.3 — 6.9