Eco Friends

The Seoul Eco Film Festival appoints a well-known and respected figure in the field of pop culture who has paid careful attention to the social issues including environmental problems as a member of Eco-friends every year. Eco-Friends who have aimed to practice eco-friendly activities will encourage the public to raise their awareness of environmental issues through the films and to make more eco-friendly choices in their daily lives. For the 17th Seoul Eco Film Festival, two actors are selected as Eco-friends to introduce a way of sustainable life through the environmental films and suggest lifestyle changes that could save our environment. HA Jiwon, who believes “the positive influence of environmental films,” and KIM Eungsoo, who “has constantly thought about ways of sustainable life and practice them,” will join our festival.

HA Jiwon (Actor)

HA Jiwon, an actor, has been steadily interested in preserving the environment. And she also expressed her interests in the purpose of our film festival by sending a video cheering for the 16th Seoul Eco Film Festival. She has been exerting positive influences through her good deeds and practices of sharing life together.

KIM Eungsoo (Actor)

KIM Eungsoo, an actor, has been pursuing zero-waste lifestyle and, for decades, practicing his own eco-friendly habits like using a thermos instead of disposable cups and a towel instead of tissue. As one of his environmental activities, he participated in a recording of a documentary 23.5, giving a message that “We all are connected with the earth.”

2021.6.3 — 6.9