Eco Friends

Each year, the Seoul Eco Film Festival appoints a well-known and respected figure in the field of pop culture who have shown keen interest in environmental and social issues as a member of Eco-Friends. Especially such Eco-Friend members who generally strived for an eco life will serve as ambassadors assisting the public to practice eco-friendly activities in their daily lives.

Kim HyeonSeong (Editor, OhBoy! Magazine)

For the past decade, fashion and culture magazine OhBoy! Editor in chief, Kim HyeonSeong has been an ardent advocate of animal welfare and environmental issues as well as wise consumerism. Especially, he has helped his fashion and culture-aware readers to recognize animal welfare and environmental issues as a part of our daily lives, while proposing sustainable lifestyles through books on timeless products at his magazines offline shop.

Chung Dawoon (Bottle Factory Joint Representative)

Chung Dawoon has been working on various activities that could reduce the use of takeout cups. Her café which has a no takeout container policy, introduced a tumbler rental service in Korea, while proposing lifestyles that refrain from using takeout containers to people who are interested in environmental issues through her personal < Trying to Live Uncomfrtably > project.

Moon Seungji (Furniture Designer)

After experiencing huge waste problems during product mass production, world-renown furniture designer Moon Seungji has launched a Four Brothers collection of no-waste single plywood chairs that consider sustainability from the designing and production stage which is gaining global recognition. As a designer, he is constantly thinking about ways to be socially responsible as he continues expanding his sustainable spectrum.

LEE Chun-hee & JEON Hye-jin (Actors)

Actors and a married couple, LEE Chun-hee and JEON Hye-jin, in their pursuit for a no-waste life have been exerting positive influence through their focus and practice of a pro-nature life rather than a pro-consumerist one. Furthermore, LEE Chun-hee has been spreading the idea of a slow life through his brand, HIBROW under the slogan ‘ENOUGH ISENOUGH which promotes a lifestyle of sufficiency to help the public discover new values in their daily lives.

2019.5.23 — 5.29