Ticketing Information



General 6,000 KRW
Group 3,000 KRW (for more than 10 people)
National Merit / Disabled 3,000 KRW
Youth 3,000 KRW
Opeing Ceremony 10,000 KRW
Special Program (Cinema + Food) 25,000 KRW

Discount will be given when valid official document is presented only.

Online Ticketing

Seoul Cinema www.seoulcinema.com
Max Movie www.maxmovie.com

MAY 13(Mon) ~ MAY 29(Wed)

Tickets may be picked up at any SEFF Cinema box office upon presentation of reservation number/ID

On-site Ticketing

Seoul Cinema Box Office (5F)

Dates & Hours
MAY 23(Fri) ~ MAY 29(Wed), 09:30 ~ 20:00


Seoul Cinema Box Office (5F)

– Opening/Closing Ceremony tickets are unavailable for purchase
– Online ticketing is unavailable (On-site ticketing only)
– Ticketing is available for same day screening only
– Vouchers must be redeemed to tickets in order to attend screenings
– Ticket exchange or cancellations are unavailable after the tickets have been issued
– Ticket cannot be exchanged for a different screening in case the ticketed screening has been sold-out

Cancellation Policy

– Please refer to ticket reservation policies on the ticketing website.
– Ticket exchange or cancellation is available until 20 min before screening.

Ticketing Policy

– Theaters will be closed to entry 10min after screening has started.
– Tickets purchased by online need to redeem actual tickets.
– Tickets purchased by online and picked up at the cinema box office can be cancelled on site only.
– For voucher users, redeemed tickets cannot be exchanged or cancelled.
– Lost or damaged tickets cannot be reissued.
– All tickets will be refunded in case a screening is cancelled or changed by the festival.

Ticket Pick-up

SEFF Information Desk

SEFF Information Desk – Seoul Cinema 5F

Dates & Hours
MAY 24(Fri) ~ MAY 29(Wed), 09:30 – 20:00
(Cinema Greenteen 09:30 – 18:00)

Cinema Greenteen

For who
Group of children and teenagers

SEFF Information Desk (Seoul Cinema 5F)

Dates & Hours
MAY 24(Fri) ~ MAY 29(Wed), 09:30 ~ 18:00

Cinema Greenteen films only.
Tickets will be automatically cancelled if the group won’t pick up the tickets 10 minutes before the screening starts.

ID Card

Dates & Hours
MAY 24 (Fri) ~ MAY 29 (Wed), 09:30 ~ 20:00

SEFF Information Desk (5F) by presenting valid ID

Tickets can be issued at the SEFF Information Desk (5F) by presenting your festival ID Card

– Opening and Closing Ceremony tickets are unavailable for purchase
– On-site ticketing only (Ticketing can be done at Information Desk only)
– 1 ticket per screening per person (Max. 4 tickets per day)
– In case all ID Card reserved seats are sold out, ticketing is unavailable
– An individual ID Card is non-transferable
– Ticketing is available for same day screening

Venue Policy

(1) On-time Screening
Entry for the screening is allowed until 10 minutes after the screening starts.
Assigned seats cannot be guaranteed for ticket holders after the screening has started.

(2) Restrict food and beverages in the theater
All food and beverages that can fall out from package will be prohibited in the theater.
Admitted – Beverages in bottle with lids
Prohibited – Any beverages and snacks that can fall out from package

(3) All mobile phones must be turned off
Cameras and camcorders cannot be used for any form of the photography and video recordings.
Anyone apprehended for photograph and/or recording in the theater will be subject to delete all files as well being removed from the theater.

(4) Entering theater is strictly restricted according to the film rating
Anyone under 18 will be prohibited to attend the screening of any R-rated film even they accompanied by a guardian. 
Children under age 5 can enter the theater on condition that the guardian authorizes the festival to have the child removed from the theater in case of any disturbance.
In any case, the festival can request the ticket holders to show personal ID for confirmation.



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