Digital Screening

Digital Screening Platform

1. Digital Cinema will be available on May 20th (Thu).
2. Only accessible within the Korean territory.

Film Availability

Only the film with DC are available for digital screenings.


1. Admission is free.
2. Sign up is required for the viewing.
3. If you cannot attend the screening, please cancel in advance for other audiences.

How to Register

Sign up and log in on the official website for booking.


May 20th (Thu) 10:00 ~ June 9th (Wed), 10:10
* Until 10 minutes after each film starts


May 20th (Thu) 10:00 ~ June 9th (Wed) 10:10
* Until 10 minutes after each film starts


You can check the application details under the webpage, Digital Screening Application, on the official website of SEFF.
*A confirmation letter will be sent via email registered on SEFF website for any new application or changes.


1. You must book a ticket for yourself.
2. Booking for a group is not available.
3. All the films will be screened by time table.
–  You can play the film of your choice at the scheduled time.
– On the festival week, digital screening becomes available for 24 hours each day from 10:00 AM to 10:00 AM the next day. Screening availability may differ on the opening and closing day.
*The opening film will be available from June 3rd to 5th 10:00.The closing day films will be available from June 9th 10:00 to 24:00.
– If you refresh or close the streaming page after the screening period, you may not be able to play the film again.
– You cannot replay the film after the screening period.
4. Viewing Guidance
– The screening is optimized for Chrome browser.
– Simultaneous access by multiple users is not allowed.
– Viewing via PC recommended. The screening is optimized for PC environment.
5. Precautions
– Any unlawful download or copy is strictly prohibited.
– Screen recordings, distribution, and screenshots are strictly prohibited in any form.
– Group screenings hosted by a third party are not allowed.
– You may share film materials on the official website for non-commercial promotional purposes.