Where to Invade Next
다음 침공은 어디?
  • 개막작
Synopsis Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Michael MOORE makes an offer to the Pentagon to immediately take on the task of invading faraway countries as a one-man army. There are three rules in the film director’s campaign: don’t shoot anyone, don’t plunder any oil, bring back something useful for his fellow-Americans. His research trip in fact serves another agenda of his own devising: he is convinced that somewhere in the world, solutions already exist for the USA’s pressing social problems. And so he collects examples of a better quality of life and better working conditions elsewhere – such as Italy’s holiday entitlement regulations, France’s school meals, Finland’s education system, Germany’s approach to accounting for its past, and Iceland’s gender equality. The director of Fahrenheit 9/11 and Bowling for Columbine represents his country’s interests in his usual subversive but also cheerful manner. The result of this upbeat yet thoughtful global invasion is a film about the USA that was made without filming a single shot on American soil.
Michael MOORE 마이클 무어
Michael MOORE was born in Flint, Michigan and worked as a journalist before turning to documentary filmmaking. He made his first film, Roger & Me, which gave birth to the modern-day documentary movement. MOORE went on to break the documentary box office record two more times with the Oscar-winning film, Bowling for Columbine and the Palme d’Or-winning Fahrenheit 9/11 . Other notable films include the Oscar-nominated Sicko and Capitalism: A Love Story. Where to Invade Next was screened at Toronto International Film Festival, AFI and Berlinale.
Director Michael MOORE
Country USA
Year 2015
Running Time 120min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule

    2021.6.3 — 6.9