The Way of Water
강을 따라서
  • 쟁점 2010: 먹는물
  • 파는물
  • 흐르는물
SynopsisGavaraget originates from Geghama Mountains, passes through Lanjaghbyur and Sarukhan communities, Gavar city, Noratus community and flows into Lake Sevan. Gavaraget is clean and pure in its springs; even the herdsman says that the water of this part of the river is drinkable but once we get to the very first village, we see a fully polluted and rubbish dumped river. The river gets even more polluted as we move further on. In this way, it’s collecting its “portion of garbage“ from each of the villages and delivers it into the Lake Sevan thus polluting the lake and the fauna. The pollution degree of the river testifies to the attitude of people towards natural treasures. The film features the transmission of a clean river into a dump–bin due to human apathy & indifference.
"SunChild"Eco-club of Noratus 노라투스의 “선차일드” 에코 클럽: 밥켄 카라펫얀, 겍함 카라펫얀 외
Director"SunChild"Eco-club of Noratus
Running Time19'59"
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