The Light Bulb Conspiracy
전구 음모이론
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SynopsisOnce upon a time…products were made to last. Then, in the 1920s, businessmen were struck by an insight : "A product that refuse to wear out is a tragedy of business!"Ever since then, manufactureres have been engineering their products to fail. This award winning film shows how long lasting light bulbs were suppressed by a secret carte and how ladder-proof stockings disappeared without trace. Modern electronics com equipped with inbuilt death-dates, sending them to the ladnfills before thier time, But consumer haave started rebeling, to save the planet and the economy.
Cosima Dannoritzer 코지마 단노리트세르
Cosima DANNORITZER is a filmmaker specializing in history and ecology who has worked for broadcasters in the UK, Germany and Spain.
DirectorCosima Dannoritzer
CountrySpain, France
Running Time75'
Screening Schedule