The Hidden City
히든 시티
  • International Competition
Synopsis A science-fiction and sub-urban symphony. The technical dream, deployed towards the exploration of space, has also motivated an inverse movement: the opening of a subterranean world. An immense spiders web that sits upon and depends on the visible city; a functional space but also a hidden sphere: the unconscious of the city.
Victor MORENO 빅토르 모레노
Victor MORENO is considered as one of the most innovative Spanish contemporary filmmaker. His long-length documentaries HOLIDAYS (2010), EDIFICIO ESPAÑA (The Building, 2012) and LA PIEDRA (2013) received many awards and were selected by a large number of festivals.
Director Victor MORENO
Country Spain, France
Year 2018
Running Time 80min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule
World Sales
AddressLa Friche Belle de mai, 13 rue Jobins, 13003, Marseille, France
Tel49 504 9592

2019.5.23 — 5.29