Stare into the Lights My Pretties
빛이 우리를 보고 있다
  • 유토피아 디스토피아
SynopsisWe live in a world of screens. The average adult spends the majority of their waking hours in front of some sort of screen or device. We’re enthralled, we’re addicted to these machines. How did we get here? Stare into the Lights My Pretties investigates these questions with an urge to return to the real physical world, to form a critical view of technological escalation driven rapacious and pervasive corporate interest.
Jordan BROWN 조던 브라운
Jordan BROWN is an activist, artist, musician, and award-winning independent film-maker. He is particularly interested in cultivating a critical view of today’s culture of screens, and has recently completed a feature-length documentary on the subject called Stare into The Lights My Pretties.
DirectorJordan BROWN
Running Time128min
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