Snows of the Nile
적도의 만년설 - 르웬조리 국립공원
  • 그린파노라마
SynopsisUganda's Rwenzori Mountains rise 5,000 meters from the heart of Africa. At their summits are some of Earth's only equatorial glaciers. But these 'Mountains of the Moon,' whose existence caused a sensation in Europe when they were first climbed in 1906, are changing fast. Snows of the Nile follows two scientist/ photographers on an ambitious expedition to recapture historical glacier imagery from the Rwenzori Mountains of Uganda.
Nathan DAPPEN, Neil LOSIN 나단 다펜, 닐 로진
Nathan DAPPEN and Neil LOSIN are biologists, photographers and award-winning filmmakers. DAPPEN and LOSIN have founded Day’s Edge Productions, where they focus on connecting the public with science and scientists through award-winning films, photography, books, websites, and more.
DirectorNathan DAPPEN, Neil LOSIN
Running Time20min
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