Sky Whale
  • 지구의 아이들 단편 모음 5
SynopsisOnce upon a time, there lived a giant whale in the east sea. The whale was admired because it can solve famine.When there was famine, the whale calling children held their hands with sincere hope. Then the whale jumped
High into the sky and exhale water which became the seed of rain. However, the whale did not come out since
People lost their dreams. A severe famine came a day of climate-changed near future. It was a ordinary tiresome
day of Seokkyun, once a whale caller. Seokkyun came across Heykyung who once called the whale with him.
At first, Seokkyun passed Hyekyung unknown. However, Seokkyun met Hyekyung eventually. When they held their
hands again, a miraculous thing happened!
Yu Hye-kyung, Lee Hoon-kyu, Oh Kyung-joo, Oh Seok-Kyun 유혜경, 이훈규, 오경주, 오석균
DirectorYu Hye-kyung, Lee Hoon-kyu, Oh Kyung-joo, Oh Seok-Kyun
Running Time11'28''
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