Seven Days
Synopsis Filmed in southwest Wales, seven days were shot consecutively and appear in that order. One frame was taken every ten seconds from sunrise to sunset. The camera was mounted on a piece of equipment used by astronomers to track the stars. Rotating at the same speed as the Earth, the camera is always pointing at either its own shadow or the sun, determined by the extent of cloud coverage: if the sun was out, the camera was turned towards its own shadow; if it was in, the camera was turned towards the sun. Sound samples taken every two hours were later cut to correspond, both in space and time, with the image on the screen.
Chris WELSBY 크리스 웰스비
Director Chris WELSBY
Country UK
Year 1974
Running Time 20min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule
World Sales
NameLight Cone
Address157 Rue de Crimée, Atelier 105, 75019 Paris, France
Tel33 1 46 59 01 53

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