Plastic China
플라스틱 차이나
  • 창백한 푸른 점. 공존
SynopsisThrough the eyes of those who handle its refuse, Plastic China examines global consumption and culture. Plastic China brings us into the lives of a community/culture barely heard from who toil daily in waste from around the globe - washing, cleaning and recycling the plastic garbage – and still living in poverty, yet harnessing the same dreams of education, good health and upward mobility as everyone else. This is not the China we see on TV.
WANG Jiu-liang 왕 지우 리앙
Director of award-winning and impactful documentary film Beijing Besieged by Waste. WANG graduated from Communication University of China, School of Cinematic Arts in 2007. From 2007 to 2008, he finished a set of photography work about Chinese traditional superstitions. He started investigating the landfill pollution around Beijing in 2008. In 2011, he finished Beijing Besieged by Waste, a set of photography work and a documentary with the same name. From 2012 to now, he has been working on the documentary Plastic China.
DirectorWANG Jiu-liang
Running Time82min
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