Paper City
페이퍼 시티
  • 쟁점 2010: 먹는물
  • 파는물
  • 흐르는물
SynopsisIn October 2004, the discovery of hundreds of dead swans in the Cruces River Sanctuary- Valdivia, Chile, due to the pollutants from a cellulose plant, unleashed a grass roots movement that surprised with its strength and diversity of faces and manifestations. In their effort to prevent the disaster, the citizens had to face a sour economical, political and judicial conflict that overflowed the environmental institutions and pushed for the urgent need to reform them. Finally, they understood that their fate and that of Valdivia, ¨the wetlands city¨ is akin to the fate of the swans.
Claudia Sepulveda Luque 클라우디아 세풀베다 루케
DirectorClaudia Sepulveda Luque
Running Time110'
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