One Water
물은 하나다
  • 쟁점 2010: 먹는물
  • 파는물
  • 흐르는물
SynopsisWater's connection to human life is universally celebrated in the major ritual ceremonies of the world. Once water was considered to be nature's endowment to life. Like air, we took it for granted and even if one did not possess the means to have it delivered to our doorstep, water was free for us to access in the rivers and streams of our communities. Environmental degradation, industrial pollution, population growth and climate change have all contributed to our precarious relationship to water. The majority of humanity is faced with a potable water crisis. In the developing world, women and children walk longer distances everyday to fetch water of questionable quality to fulfill their daily needs for survival. Bad water feeds the vicious cycle of ill health and poverty.Governments, international organizations and corporations combine their efforts to build large and expensive infrastructure projects. Big dams bring prosperity at the cost of environmental degradation and the uprooting of the lives of millions of people. Great rivers and waterways, that once provided free access to potable water, now carry the toxic burden of industrial society and the teeming millions that depended on free access to natural water sources for survival are offered piped safe water service - but at a price.
Sanjeev Chatterhee, Ali Habashi 산지브 차터지, 알리 하바쉬오
DirectorSanjeev Chatterhee, Ali Habashi
Running Time68'
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