On the Edge
가장, 자리
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SynopsisThis is a story of those who need to be at the most important place but have been pushed to the edges. To lose one’s house, to have someone else take the house you have been living in away from you, to miserably fall apart because of someone else. This film attempts to capture the emotions that derive from these situations.
KIM Hyung-cheol, YU Ji-Young, LEE Seung-hak 김형철, 유지영, 이승학
KIM Hyung-cheol is currently studying cinematography and documentary filmmaking. YU Ji-young is currently studying documentary filmmaking. LEE Seung-hak has mostly worked on short films as a cinematographer.
DirectorKIM Hyung-cheol, YU Ji-Young, LEE Seung-hak
Running Time12min
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