I Am Not Samuel Krohm
사무엘 크롬의 저주
  • 그린파노라마-에코스릴러
Synopsis Patrick DECUIR, a wholesaler in agricultural products, finds himself into a bizarre village where everybody mistakes him for a man called Samuel Krohm. This new identity will get him into trouble, notably with a multinational biotechnology corporation, SANTOFLOR, which seems to be employing "Krohm" for occult activities.
Sébastien CHANTAL 세바스티앙 샹탈
A lover of cinema since childhood, Sébastien CHANTAL graduates from École Supérieure d'Audiovisuel(E.S.A.V) in Toulouse. He loves every genres of film, including B-movie Horror, experimental or Hungarian cinema. He has directed several short films and promotional video works.
Director Sébastien CHANTAL
Country France
Year 2013
Running Time 26min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule

    2021.6.3 — 6.9