Go, Masao!
마사오군이 간다
  • 동물과 함께 사는 세상
SynopsisSMAP's Shingo Katori stars as Matsumoto, a struggling comedian who is initially overjoyed when he's invited to appear on a pet-themed variety show starring a goofy dog named Masao-kun. Unfortunately, his luck quickly takes a turn for the worse as his girlfriend (Ryoko Hirosue) leaves him to marry another man and Masao proves nearly impossible to handle. However, his attitude changes one day when he's injured during filming and Masao immediately rushes to aid him. After that incident, Matsumoto decides to form a permanent duo with Masao. Lots of hilarious actual episodes involving Matsumoto's struggle in career, love and life itself, and Masao's marriage to a black Labrador retriever, the birth of their puppies, will be interwoven in the film. You'll laugh and cry with the story of this Lab full of Luv!
Otani Kentaro 오오타니 켄타로
DirectorOtani Kentaro
Running Time110'
Screening Schedule