Give Us the Money
기브 어스 더 머니
  • 기후 변화와 미래 - 왜 우리는 빈곤한가?
SynopsisNearly 30 years ago, harrowing images from the Ethiopian famine led to a new kind of anti-poverty campaign led by unlikely champions in the form of rock-stars. Live Aid, Drop the Debt and Make Poverty. History: Bono and Geldof have been criticized for over simplifying issues and failing to challenge the fundamental causes of poverty. But they have also received praise for saving lives and bringing an awareness of poverty to a new audience and a new generation.
Bosse LINDQUIST 보스 린퀴스트
Bosse LINDQUIST, born in 1954, is a Swedish radio and TV producer and director. He has been working with TV documentaries since 1988. His films have been screened in broadcasters around the world, and at festivals like IDFA, Thessaloniki, and Nordisk Panorama, among others.
DirectorBosse LINDQUIST
Running Time51’58"
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