Ecology in Concrete
아파트 생태계
  • 한국경쟁
SynopsisFrom the first generation of urbanologists who worked on developing Seoul to the generation of apartment kids born and bred in apartments, a variety of stories are documented in this film. And here, good memories, pending anxieties and discomforts as well as trees that have grown impressively are embedded in the times that have passed. Perhaps the most disheartening story is the one about apartments neglected in order to speed up the reconstruction process. Accordingly, the life span of a concrete-based apartment building in Korea is only 30-40 years.
JEONG Jae-eun 정재은
JEONG Jae-eun made her debut with Take Care of My Cat in 2001. She participated in the omnibus film If You Were Me sponsored by the National Human Rights Commission of Korea, with “The Man With An Affair”. She directed documentary trilogy about the construction, urban space and environment; Talking Architect (2012), Talking Architecture, City: Hall (2013), and Ecology in Concrete (2017).
DirectorJEONG Jae-eun
Running Time80min
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