Chantier A
카림의 귀향
  • 그린파노라마
SynopsisThis is the travel of Karim who was not gone back home for 10 years. A come-back that looks like a one-way ticket. Algeria. Before he forgets, find again the reasons why he left one day, the big exodus, the burning home. But the words have been sucked up in an uncertain time, in a movement that allows to be anchored. Somewhere.
Tarek SAMI, Lucie DÈCHE, Karim LOUALICHE 타헥 사미, 루치에 데시, 카림 로아리시
Tarek SAMI directed several short fictional films and a documentary in Algeria. Lucie DÈCHE has furthered her work in relation to sound, alternating between sound engineering and directing. Karim LOUALICHE is a physicist, poet and musician.
DirectorTarek SAMI, Lucie DÈCHE, Karim LOUALICHE
Running Time108min
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