• 그린파노라마-에코스릴러
SynopsisWith his mom ill, what comforts Ji-woong is only the cat ‘Nyangih’ which has been raised secretly and his dad has come to be busier with nursing and working. In a dark night only two persons, the sick mom and her little son Ji-woong, remain in their house and Jiwoong gradually comes to feel horribly to his mom in the black grotesque mood. Someday Ji-woong hears cat meat be good in sick person. That day his mom is not only taken to the hospital, but Ji-woong also findshis cat disappeared.
YOON Seo-Hyun 윤서현
Her 2007 produced film One Strange Day received funding from the Jeonju Film Festival. She continued producing films such as 138 Beat in 2010. She recently produced Cat which won the Independent Film Fund from the Seoul Film Commission.
DirectorYOON Seo-Hyun
Running Time30min
Screening Schedule