• 국제환경영화경선
SynopsisIn the Old Testament, the mountains are the domain of a monster named Behemoth; in modern times the vast mining industry has taken the monster’s place. Inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy, director ZHAO Liang shares his poetic reflections on China’s search for a paradise, one that has ended up being something a lot more like hell. Could the mythical monster have ever dreamed of this?
ZHAO Liang 자오 리앙
Born in northeastern China, ZHAO Liang graduated from LuXun Academy of Fine Arts in 1992. Based in Beijing since 1993, he has been working as an independent documentary filmmaker as well as a multimedia artist in photography and video art. His works have been exhibited in numerous art galleries and museums around the world.
DirectorZHAO Liang
Running Time91min
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