Beautiful Islands
아름다운 섬
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SynopsisBeautiful Islands -The Three Sinking Livings This movie looks at three beautiful islands, shaken by climate change. Tuvalu in the South Pacific, Venice in Italy and Shishmaref in Alaska. The islands all have different climates and cultures but the people all love their native lands. The filming, which took three years, focused on their daily lives. It portrays festivals that foster ties among the people, traditional crafts which have been passed on for generations and peaceful lives by the water. They are all disappearing by climate change.? When these people lose their homelands, their cultures and histories face 'death.' Their lives in the midst of all the changes suggest where our future leads to.? I purposely decided not to put any narration or music in this film. It is a two-hour trip around the world, listening to the sounds of waters and winds, accompAed by the children's smiles. I want you to sharpen your minds and feel what we are going to lose if climate change really hits our eArth. The most important theme of this movie is the people's lives, which are deeply rooted in the surrounding nature, traditions and cultures. What you see in the film is what is vAshing by climate change.? Tuvalu in the South Pacific is a peaceful island, embraced by the boundless blue ocean. Palm trees and fishing are the mainstays of people's lives. Through their self-sustained lifestyle, people have cultivated strong bonds among themselves. And the island is full of children's smiles.? Venice is an island which is home to one of the most famous World Heritage sites in Europe. Plaza San Marco, in the center of the city, brings you back to the Middle Age with its glorious atmosphere. The masquerade, gondolas and Venetian glass - the Venetian culture and traditions are full of charm that attracts people from all over the world.? Shishmaref in Alaska is an island of the indigenous people who have survived the harsh, but beautiful, land of snow and ice. Due to the drastic change of weather that stems from the global climate change, all the inhabitants have decided to move out of the island. The people had no choice but to give up their homeland. On the ice fields, our camera followed the people who are faced with a difficult choice. Through the disappearing beauty of the three islands, the film tries to make you feel the reality experienced by the people affected by climate change.
Kana Tomoko 카나 토모코
DirectorKana Tomoko
Running Time110'
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