At the Last Stop Called Ghost Chimney
마지막 정거장, 유령 굴뚝
  • 그린파노라마-에코스릴러
SynopsisTo spend more time with the bus driver she always liked, on the last day of school, a girl rides to the last stop called Ghost Chimney. Depending on the angle, it is looked one chimney or four chimneys. The girl and the bus driver dream of a world beyond the last stop.
TOMINA Tetsuya 토미나 테츠야
Born in Kushiro, Hokkaido, after finishing his engineering degree, TOMINA went straight to London to learn filmmaking at London Film School. His London-made Something Secondary was selected as amongst the best by BBC British Short Film Festival and was invited to festivals in Europe. His films include Something Secondary and At the Last Stop Called Ghost Chimney.
DirectorTOMINA Tetsuya
Running Time20min
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