April and the Extraordinary World
에이프릴과 조작된 세계
  • 에코그라운드
Synopsis1941, Napoleon V is the ruler of France and scholars keep mysteriously disappearing. Without modern technology, the world runs on coal and steam. A young girl named April goes off in search of her scientist parents who vanished. Accompanied by her talking cat Darwin and a young rogue named Julius, she will brave mysteries and danger in order to discover who is capturing the scholars and why.
Christian DESMARES, Franck EKINCI 크리스티앙 데마르, 프랑크 에킨시
After working in advertising, comics and illustration, Franck EKINCI founded the animation studio, Je Suis Bien Content with Marc JOUSSET in 1996. The co-director, Christian DESMARES started his career in 1998. Both of them have worked on numerous animation films.
DirectorChristian DESMARES, Franck EKINCI
CountryFrance, Belgium, Canada
Running Time105min
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