Animals and Other People
울타리 밖의 사람들
  • 창백한 푸른 점. 공존
SynopsisAnimals and Other People introduce viewers to Vienna's animal shelter and its inhabitants. The encounters between human and animal and the individual stories and peculiarities are affectionate, sometimes sad, and then again, strange. A tender gaze at the nature of the animals and a critical look at human irresponsibility.
Flavio MARCHETTI 플라비오 마르체티
Flavio MARCHETTI, born in 1980 in Rome, studied Law at the Universitá Roma Tre and after moving to Vienna, he attended the Film production Class of the Vienna Film Academy. In 2010, he founded the production company La Banda Film. Animals and Other People is his directing debut.
DirectorFlavio MARCHETTI
Running Time88min
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