While We Build the Ruins

All of us living in modern society contribute to the destruction of the environment against our will. From foods on our dinner tables every day to such essential high-tech gadgets as mobile phones and cars, all mass-produced goods that are consumed rapidly inherently depend on the exploitation of the environment. With the earth already overpopulated, human civilizations burn everything within the destructive system of capitalism, which underpins fossil-fuel-based industries, and agricultural, livestock and fishing industries based on factory production using chemicals.

Red Soil, MINAMATA Mandala and Toxic Business deal with incidents in France, Japan and Congo respectively, and illustrate how common it is for the environment to be destroyed by irresponsible companies and for individuals to suffer as a result. Fast Fashion: The Real Price of Low-Cost Fashion works out the real price of low-coast clothes that we buy easily and discard quickly. Opera, Who We Were and The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel examine the current state of the earth from a holistic perspective, consider the responsibility of large corporations that destroy democracy, freedom, and the environment, and then ponder upon the identity of humanity as the greatest threat to the earth. Last Words imagines what legacy will remain after the earth runs out of life because of the mankind.

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