Special Screening – In the Memory of LEE Kang-gil

LEE Kang-gil, a renowned Korean filmmaker specializing in environmental documentaries, passed away at the relatively early age of 53 last January. During his entire career as a filmmaker, he had dashed off to places facing the biggest environmental problems with a camera in his hands since he joined the film collective P.U.R.N. Production in 1999. To fight against the construction of a nuclear waste repository in Buan, the implementation of the Saemangeum Land Reclamation Project, and the installment of cable cars Mt. Seorak, he had always been on the side of socially disadvantaged groups. This section aims to honor and remember the late director by featuring two of his films.

LEE Kang-gil
Korea, 2019, 103min
LEE Kang-gil
Korea, 2010, 101min

2021.6.3 — 6.9