Our Home, Trash Land

Out of nowhere, a pile of trash shows up before our eyes. It comes in the shapes of a snare to slaughter sea turtles and seals or a mountain standing still unexpectedly behind a house. Although we are desperate to hold onto our belief that we do not have to think about our garbage because someone is going to take care of it, we are forced to realize that it is nothing more than fantasy, and trash suddenly becomes real.
Nevertheless, trash has been always there with us without being seen. The industrial civilization is nothing more than a machine relentlessly reproducing trash. Invisible and omnipresent, trash is the so-called god in modern society. While Earth’s purification system, which cleans up the mess we make not to offend the god of trash, reaches its limit, the human civilization almost passes the tipping points as well. We are about to get swept away with piles of trash we produce as we live lives filled with thousands of disposable items without an ounce of self-control. If we do not change right now, Earth will throw up until the last piece of plastic comes out intact, unrotten, and undecomposed, and send all the trash back to our dining table.

NAM Taeje, KIM Sunghwan
Korea, 2019, 84min
USA, 2019, 96min
Manuel CAMIA
Italy, 2019, 15min
France, Switzerland, 2018, 13min
Spain, UK, 2018, 49min
Guillem MIRÓ
Spain, 2019, 5min

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