ECOvolution: How to Change the World

The slogan of the 18th Seoul Eco Film Festival is “ECOvolution”. A compound of ‘eco’ meaning ecology and environment and ‘evolution/revolution’ meaning change, the slogan conveys the message that we must achieve a revolutionary environmental transformation. With this in mind, the section “ECOvolution: How to Change the World” introduces us to people sowing seeds of revolution and communities creating ripples of change in an effort to make the world a better place. In I Am Greta, a young girl sparks a global youth climate movement after starting school strikes three years ago. Watson reminds us once again of the importance of protecting and preserving the marine environment through the life and work of Captain Paul Watson, the founder of Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd. The Last Forest throws spotlight on a tribe in the Amazon basin whose survival is threatened by gold mining and forest destruction, while White Cube takes us to a palm plantation village in Congo that regains its right to life after enduring Western exploitation for more than half a century.

Kombinat is about the choices of a family living in a kombinat, large industrial complex. Space Baedari tells the story of people opposing the construction of a road cutting through their village, and looking for the true value of the city. Your Face introduces us to an artist who has drawn caricatures for 2,000 people. All in all, this section shows that a huge change starts with one person or one community. In order to bring about a revolution and transform the world, each and every one of us must change and take action.

USA, 2019, 100min
LIM Ki-Woong
Korea, 2020, 41min
Switzerland, 2020, 77min
Brazil, 2021, 76min
Elvis Sabin NGAIBINO
Argentina, Central African Republic, Italy, 2020, 73min
Sweden, 2020, 97min
SEO Dong-Il
Korea, 2020, 86min
The Netherlands, 2020, 79min