Eco Crisis in the Time of Climate Change

Ecologists found that migratory birds are losing their ways as climate change disrupts the seasonal cycles and food availability (Auspice). The situation is even worse for animals and plants in the Polar Regions as they cannot cross continents. If constantly melting ice undercuts the base of food supply, they will starve to death without a choice (Queen without Land). The same thing could happen in Korea. Jeju’s mountain and ocean are getting filled with dead animals and plants which cannot survive the increasing temperature (The Island). What about humans? Can we stay safe? Drought, intense heat, large fire, typhoon, flood, and pandemics are not the only things brought by climate change. As they cause a shortage of food and water and people lose their homes in the aftermath of disasters, climate refugees become real. The threat to survival results in socioeconomic and political conflicts such as poverty and war (The Climate Limbo).
Some scientists warn that we have only about 10 years to pass a series of irrevocable tipping points and experience the sixth mass extinction of all living organisms on Earth due to climate change. Will leaders and entrepreneurs having the global economy in their pocket take the warning from the next generations that everything must change right now (The Forum)? Will humanity turn the crisis into an opportunity and transform itself for the better (Metamorphosis)?

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