Climate Crisis, Climate Emergency, Climate Disaster

Climate change is no longer a crisis or an emergency. It is becoming a disaster. As the 2015 Paris Agreement turned out to be a failure, if we do not put global efforts into solving the problem, there will be no turning back. Earth is not getting “warmer.” It is instead getting “heated.” Along with global heating, all life including humans might face the sixth mass extinction any time soon. Everyone agrees that there is no time to take political or economic concerns or the logic of capital into account. The problem is how you solve climate change.

This section “Climate Crisis, Climate Emergency, Climate Disaster” analyzes the dangers of rising sea levels (66 Metres) and looks at the reality of climate refugees as their number increases due to water and food scarcity (Climate Exodus). It also reflects on the future of hydrogen energy, an alternative to fossil fuels (At Wat with the Dinosaurs and The Future of Flight). In addition, it also takes a close look at private records on how climate change distress, fear, disappointment, and grief for our dying planet can lead to climate action (Once You Know and The Magnitude of All Things).

John Michael PARKAN
USA, 2020, 98min
Spain, 2020, 63min
Alexander LAHL, Max MÖNCH
Germany, 2020, 53min
France, 2020, 105min
Jennifer ABBOTT
Canada, 2020, 87min
Germany, 2020, 53min