Anthropocene: The Hour of the Furnaces

Scientists say the changes that human occurred on Earth after the Industrial Revolution have been so extensive and destructive that they have created a new geological era called “Anthropocene,” in which we can observe the newly formed stratum of human beings. Humanity has achieved a huge shift in only two centuries that could normally be caused by a long-term global accumulation. Massive amount of carbon, nitrogen, radiation, plastic, and even the bones of livestock we have eaten away have piled up enough to form a new stratum on the Earth’s surface.
Meanwhile, during the period when the entire human race was troubled with the COVID-19 crisis triggered by a series of environmental problems in regard to climate change and ecological disturbances, paradoxically the Earth showed surprisingly rapid changes. The news consistently reports the appearance of wild animals in the city and unprecedented clear skies. Earth seems to breathe as we stop. Scientists predict carbon emissions will drop by 2 to 3 billion tons this year, and greenhouse gases will fall by 4 to 8 percent as well.
As of July 2020, we have briefly taken off our feet from the accelerator pedal during the race of limitless destruction. Perhaps this might be the most decisive moment in human history. It’s up to us of the present time, whether we’re going to restore the speed that we’ve lost for a while and go straight towards the sixth mass extinction or create a new world based on thorough transition.

Christian LABHART
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