2020 Focus – Eco Us, Eco Earth

Under the slogan of “Eco Us, Eco Earth,” the 17th Seoul Eco Film Festival aims to remind us of the easily neglectable fact that everything around us is interconnected by featuring a focus section consisting of films that our lives are directly correlated to global issues.
Every day, we rise against oppression by the Other (Us, Day by Day), and hold onto our values, which should not be forgotten, in this ever-changing world where everything is constantly being repaired and removed (Memories of Four Days). We give an insight into the unstable living conditions of the youth (Musoon, Across the Universe, Ridge), and find meaning in our work under specific conditions (Underground). We use all we have worked for to have a happy summer vacation (Waiting for the Carnival), and reflect on how to keep a daily life when our houses are on the verge of collapsing due to the mining (Kiruna – A Brand New World). We face the fact that our home address is the key to improving our survival rate during a disaster (Cooked: Survival by Zip Code), and saving trees means rewriting history for all (Sow the Wind). In the end, we are interconnected to each other moving at different speeds, and Earth gets rotational energy from all of us running with dogs and trees (Movements).

Marcelo GOMES
Brazil, 2019, 86min
Korea, 2019, 73min
KIM Jeongkeun
Korea, 2019, 88min
France, Italy, Greece, 2020, 91min
Sweden, 2019, 71min
NAM Seung-suk
Korea, 2019, 103min
Korea, 2019, 11min
MOON Sookhee
Korea, 2020, 82min
Czech Republic, 2019, 87min
USA, 2018, 82min

2021.6.3 — 6.9