Regular Programs

Reduce Waste Café

@Seoul Cinema 1F Snackbar
MAY 24(Fri) ~ 29(Wed) 

How many cups of coffee do you drink a day? Have you ever thought about the amount of waste that comes out of each cup of coffee? From straws, lids, cups, cup holders, coffee grounds to sticks, so much waste you never imagined would be this much is generated. The least we can do is to reduce the amount of waste by running a café that is less harmful to Earth alongside our Coffee Ground Recycling Project’. Our principles are firstly, use tumblers, secondly, recycle coffee grounds. But dont worry if youve forgotten to bring your tumbler! SEFF can always lend you one. Why dont you bring the Eco Spirit to a cup of coffee!

The Coffee Ground Recycling Project is a social contribution project offered in conjunction with the Korea Green Foundation, Hyundai Steel and Korea Productivity Center which seeks alternative ways to reuse 98% of discarded coffee grounds and promote the possibility of its recycling.

SEFFs Bookshelf

@Seoul Cinema 8F
MAY 24(Fri) ~ 29(Wed)

This is a place where books related to SEFFs main theme are introduced and shared with the public. As a resting space where you can read books at liberty, you can stop by anytime. In addition, out of print environment-related classics hard to find in any regular bookstore will be on display. Books on how to save the Earth will also be on sale. There are discounts for anyone who brings their own bag, so come with an eco bag!

a companion eumartbook
eumartbook is a non-profit public service bookstore that connects people to other people and people to nature.

2019.5.23 — 5.29