Play ECO!

Green Round × Cinema Greenteen

@Seoul Cinema 1F KEY-HALL
All children and teenagers who have watched environmental films, gather around! Green Round where you can learn, feel and enjoy.

[Pop-up Book Playground] Creating My Own Pop-up Book

MAY 24(Fri) 11:30~18:00 / 20mins / Free of charge

You can come up with a new pop-up book by using childhood storybooks and discarded childrens book that we dont look at anymore. How about creating new stories yourself!

[CUECLYP] Making Your Own Up-cycled Necklace Card Holder

MAY 25(Sat) 14:30~15:30 / 1 hour / Free of charge

You can make your own necklace card holder with thrown out flex used in concerts and festivals. Itll be perfect to carry yourstudent ID card in!

a companion — CUECLYP

[tree-planters] Creating Your Own Mini Coffee Capsule Flower Pot

MAY 29(Wed) 11:00~15:00 / 20 mins / Free of charge

You can create your own succulents mini flower pot with discarded coffee capsules. You can even stick it onto your refrigerator!

[ECO PLAY Board Game Room]

MAY 26(Sun) ~ 29(Wed) / 20 mins / Free of charge

You can play games while learning about environmental issues! Join us for 3 easy and fun ECO PLAY board games!

A Local Food Meal
Where did the food we eat come from? Come and find out more about local foods!
Recycling Island
Recyclings not that difficult. Try it, its easy! Do it!
Bada Tong-tong
Earths seas are in danger! Come join us to make the sea clean again!

My Veggie Place

@Seoul Cinema 1F KEY-HALL
MAY 25(Sat) 15:00~19:00
MAY 26(Sun) 16:00~19:00

You can find answers to the close ties between climate change and a vegetarian life, and questions regarding living vegetarian. In addition, we present the pop-up store <greenfeed bakey cafe> to spread the joy of living vegetarian. You can purchase a patissier-made no-milk, no-butter, no-eggs, 100% vegan bakery goods! Theres also a lounge for visitors to rest, so drop by whenever you wish to.

SEFF strives for a plastic-free film festival. So, please bring your own containers to take outyour bakery items.

a companion Greenfeed
Greenfeed follows its mission tocontribute to the growth of a vegetarian life which can reduce livestock industry-induced greenhouse gases, and climate change problems. In order to make a Korean vegetarian life more accessible, we are running mobile application program<Greenfeed> and vegan café < Greenfeed bakery café>. We are also preparing to launch our online shopping mall <Greenfeed>.

Pop-up Refill Market <chaewoojang in SEFF>

@Seoul Cinema 1F KEY-HALL
MAY 25(Sat) 15:00~19:00

A <Pop-up Refill Market> which bans all plastic bag and containers will open. You can try out and purchase items that can replace your micro plastic-inundated daily supplies. Healthy and tasty food products will also be on sale. After a screening, come on over and fill your empty containers up!

Items for Purchase
vegetable sponge, soap nut, toothpaste, tea, soap net, detergent, sesame seeds, salt, etc.
Things to Bring
glass jar
s, fabric pouches or anything to carry purchased items

Patagonia Worn Wear Station!

@Seoul Cinema 5F
MAY 24(Fri) 14:00~19:00
@Seoul Cinema 1F KEY-HALL
MAY 25(Sat) 15:00~19:00 / MAY 26(Sun) 16:00~19:00

One of the most important things Patagonia can do as a responsible company is to make outstanding quality and long-lasting outdoor wear that guarantees lifetime repair so that customers wont have to purchase so many new clothes. Clothes that have been worn for a long time capture the time and memories of its owner. So in order to keep those memories and your outdoor wear for a long long time, how about attaching a Patagonia patch! 

Bring your clothes or bags you want to decorate with a customized patch! 2 patches per person.
This event can end
earlier if patches are out of stock.


@Seoul Cinema 5F
MAY 24(Fri) 14:00~19:00
Waste bins will be provided at all times, and the swap event will take place only on Friday.

Bring your old toothbrush, well give you a new one!
Bring your old toothbrush.
You can swap it for a Green Clean toothbrush.

FDA approved with a handle made of 100% recycled plastic
Vegetable toothbrush head made of castor oil based nylon
Packaged in material made of 100% recycled paper

Collected toothbrushes will be up-cycled by Jordan into a variety of artwork.
This event can end earlier if new toothbrushes are out of stock.

2019.5.23 — 5.29